YABT Extends Registration Deadline for TIC Americas 2012

YABT Extends Registration Deadline for TIC Americas 2012 at

Until January 10th at 5:00 pm (Washington, DC time), young entrepreneurs from the Americas and the Caribbean will be allowed to register and compete in TIC Americas 2012, with the deadline having been extended to enable more youth to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the competition.

TIC Americas is a competition that goes beyond the development of business plans to include phases of support and follow-up and opportunities for international visibility, networking and market access among other benefits. The TIC Americas platform provides opportunities to youth in the Americas and elsewhere that are in the process of creating or strengthening a business idea.

Registration for TIC Americas 2012 will remain open until January 10th, 2012, the date by which all material required by the competition must be submitted, including the business plan, promotional video and website. The extended registration is to provide more young entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate and receive the benefits offered by TIC Americas 2012. Registration can be completed at www.ticamericas.net.

Between January 15th and 15th of February, submitted projects will be evaluated by an international group of judges who will judge the proposals according to the rules and criteria of the competition to select the Finalists. Finalists will be announced on March 1st and those teams will begin preparations for travel to the TIC Americas Finals in Cartagena, Colombia,, parallel to the III Young Americas Forum, a preceding event ocurre before the VI Summit of the Americas.

TIC Americas is an international competition that awards projects in two categories:

  • Talent and Innovation Awards: social or entrepreneurial projects that demonstrate talent and innovation in their design and/or startup strategy.
  • Eco-Challenge Awards: social or entrepreneurial projects that offer a viable solution to an environmental problem, responding to one of the stated Eco-Challenges.

TIC Americas is a program of the Young Americas Business Trust, YABT, a non-profit International organization that Works in cooperation with the OAS. YABT supports the objectives of the OAS Member States through youth and entrepreneurship development programs that create employment opportunities and better living conditions for young people. (www.yabt.net)

The rules and conditions of TIC Americas are published online at www.ticamericas.net

For more information:
Carlos Mario Lopez
Program Manager for the Young Americas Business Trust
E-mail: cmlopez@oas.org
Tel: +1 (202) 458 3290.
Follow us on Twitter: @YABTs

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